How to write an essay on the development of a character



The character development tests provide detailed descriptions and predictions about fictional characters works. The purpose of such trials is to encourage readers to enter the world of the characters to understand their perspectives and motives. To write a solid essay character development requires your appearance and attitude describing, analyzing the context and how the author presents. From this, you can evaluate changes in the character throughout the play and finish with a prediction about how his life will continue beyond the conclusion of your work.






List and describe the physical and psychological characteristics of the character in the first paragraph. For example, if your essay is about Huckleberry Finn, you can say “Huckleberry Finn is always disheveled and dressed in rags, but very witty and sharp.”



Describes and analyzes the history of the character in the second paragraph, focusing on the important people and events that shaped the past your current personality. For example, you can say Huckleberry Finn “Their coexistence and adventures with Tom Sawyer directly influenced his desire to sail on the river with Jim.”




Interpret how the author presents the character. For example, “Let the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn are narrated in the first person indicates the depth of the analysis Huck, turning immediately into a sympathetic character.”



Details how the character changed from the beginning to the end and emphasizes the lessons he learned and acquired new beliefs. For example, “While Huck retains its adventurous personality until the end of the book, slightly acquired the notion of having and not having.”



Predict where it will be and what will the character after the end of the book. For example, “I think Huckleberry Finn continue to have adventures, but these no longer take place in the southern territories, but in a busy place, as the court, if it becomes attorney or in the capital, if it becomes political.”

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